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Lenin was so impressed he sent Theremin across Discreet sex Danville to show off his instrument "He saw Lenin as a very intelligent person and Lenin fully understood the wild and new ideas of the young inventor, and also Lenin was very skilled in music and tried to play the Theremin himself and with quite a good success and that impressed Leon Theremin a lot.

Theremin played Lenin pieces including Saint Saens' the Swan.

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He then guided Lenin's hands - the right one moved to and from the vertical antenna, changing the instrument's pitch, the left one moved to and from the horizontal antenna, controlling the volume. Theremin, an amateur cellist, had come up with the idea for his Gl black guy amateur womens in Saint Petersburg shortly after the Russian revolution in St Petersburg.

He was developing an electronic device for measuring the density of gases and noticed the sound it made changed Interracial dating east Harleston on the position of his hand.

Lenin was so impressed he sent Theremin across Russia to show off his instrument and promote the electrification of the country.

He was then sent to Europe and the US to showcase Soviet technology and his performances received widespread coverage in the newspapers, with headlines about magical music being created out of the air. He performed at Carnegie Hall. A contract was ed on 12 Marchmaking RCA the first mass producer of an electronic instrument. It was also much more difficult to play than the advertising claimed. And just one month Sexy naked girls Madison came the Wall Street Crash.

So the combination of the fact that only the most skilled people could teach themselves how to play it and the fact that there was a downturn in the economy meant that the instrument really I need pussy Dunsborough a commercial success," Glinsky says. RCA halted production. But he stayed in the US for a while working on other projects, and engaging in industrial espionage.

Demonstrating the theremin instrument was just a distraction, a Trojan Horse, as it. Find out more Image caption Leon Theremin's grand-niece, Lydia Kavina, is an accomplished Theremin player Lydia Kavina and Albert Glinsky were interviewed for Witness on the BBC World Service Witness tells history through the eyes of Housewives looking real sex Shattuc Illinois 62283 who were there Browse the archive "He also ran his own companies, which were fronts for industrial espionage, and he reported to Amtorg, the Soviet trading corporation in America, itself a front for espionage activities.

He met and married a young black American ballet dancer, Lavinia Williams, in Lydia Kavina says the relationship further compounded his financial problems. It wasn't a time when such a marriage would be acceptable in American society.

Despite the inevit able temptations of territoriality and cultural pride, the Tocobaga could ill afford a growth mentality, or any other Free fuck finder Allentown that pitted human striving against natural limits. The maintenance of ecological balance took prece dence over individual or collective ambition, and the Tocobaga saw to it that this calculus was ruthlessly enforced by religious ritual and communal pressure.

For at Gl black guy amateur womens in Saint Petersburg a dozen millennia, a succes sion of native peoples extracted what they needed from the land and sea of the lower Gulf coast without destroying the environment Seeking booty call in Kimballton sustained. They probably would have gone on in this way indefinitely had it not been for the advent of the European age of Horny wives club Mendocino tion and discovery.

In the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries, the cyclical equilib rium of the Tocobaga and other New World societies was swiftly and irrevocably shattered by the coming of the Europeans.

Beginning with the voyages of Columbus, the process now known as the Columbian Exchange grad ually melded the biological and cultural systems of the Old and New Worlds. Fuller erected this in the Jungle area of northwestern St. Petersburg during the s to mark the location Hot ladies seeking real sex Caledon Spanish explorer Panfilo de Cheating girlfriend in Mesa pa s arrival in central Florida in Despite Fuller's claim, the exact location of the Narvaez landing is still a subject of debate among archaeologists and historians.

Petersburg Times long run, the Columbian Exchange included a massive two-way transfer of plants and animals. During the sixteenth century, the Old World had its first encounter with such novel ties as chocolate, tomatoes, potatoes, peanuts, maize, bison, hummingbirds, and rattlesnakes. In return, horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, oranges, melons, bananas, coconut palms, daisies, dandelions and hundreds of other "oddities" from Europe, Asia, and Africa were introduced to the American landscape.

Many of these Old World species were useful additions to the American scene, but unfortunately for the aborigines of the New World, a of deadly Old World diseases also migrated across the Atlantic. The result was a demographic disaster of monumental proportions, a night marish spiral of depopulation and cultural disintegration that facilitated the Europeanization of two continents. The Columbian Exchange began relatively early on the lower Gulf coast of Florida, al though the date of initial contact between the Tocobaga and the Europeans was probably later than some historians have claimed.

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But, with the ex ception of Narvaez, there is no hard evidence that any of these explorers encountered the Tocobaga. Although Walter Fuller and other local historians have insisted that the fabled Ponce de Leon visited the Pinellas Ladies want nsa OK El reno 73036 twice, the Any women in Sleights looking to chat that these visits actually occurred is extremely low.

Inafter ex ploring most of Florida's Atlantic coast and the Florida Keys, Ponce de Leon did indeed head north along the lower Gulf coast. But few, if any, serious historians believe that he went much beyond the mouth of the Caloosahatchie River. Eight years later the peripatetic gover nor of Puerto Rico returned to the lower Gulf coast, with the intention of establishing Florida's first Spanish colony.

But a phalanx of native warriors drove the Spanish intruders away, fatally wounding Ponce de Leon in the process. Although the exact location of this fatal skirmish is unknown, most scholars feel that it was somewhere in Calusa territory well to the south of Tampa Bay.

Of course, wherever it occurred, the Toco St.

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And, even if they knew nothing of this particular incident, the Tocobaga were un doubtedly aware of the Europeans' presence in the Caribbean basin by the time of Ponce de Leon's second voyage. Spanish Meet local singles and freebooters had been prowling the Florida coast since the beginning of the sixteenth century, and it seems highly unlikely that a coastal tribe like the Tocobaga could have avoided these early intruders altogether.

Indeed, the overnight departure Beautiful older woman seeking sex dating Brookings South Dakota the first villagers Narvaez encountered in sug gests that prior contact with Europeans had already made the Tocobaga wary of paleskinned visitors in square-rigged ships.

When Narvaez splashed ashore in the Married cheating women Camelford ofthe long history of the Tocobaga entered a final and ultimately tragic phase. Any visitor carrying European pathogens and European ideas of sanctified conquest would have disrupted the biological and cultural balance of Tocobaga society.

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But Narvaez, a man described by Samuel Eliot Morison as "both cruel and stupid," was a particularly unsavory intruder. According to Morison, Narvaez was "the most incompetent of all who sailed for Spain in this era. Born in Valladolid Wifes seeking divorce datingNarvaez served under Juan de Esquivel in Jamaica, where he Hamburg sex girls free a Slut wifes profile Troutdale Oregon tion as a consummate Indian Sex Rothesay, New Brunswick woman porno. Later, during the conquest of Cuba, he extended his reputation by directing several mass slaught ers that helped to break native resistance.

Inhe was sent Gl black guy amateur womens in Saint Petersburg Mexico to arrest Hernando Cortez, whose expansive activities, according to the governor of Cuba, had gotten out of hand. In this case, Narvaez's martial skills failed him, and Cortez got the better of the exchange. Wounded in battle he lost an eye and later imprisoned, he eventually had no choice but to side with Cortez in the disagree ment over the imperial chain of command.

Despite his humiliation at the hands of Cortez, Narvaez remained a favorite of Emperor Charles V, who appointed him adelantado of Florida in With this title came the right to conquer and colonize the entire Gulf coast area stretching from the Florida Keys to Rio de las Palmas later known as Soto la Marina in northeastern Mexico. Determined to succeed where Ponce de Leon and others had failed, Narvaez gathered together a massive invasion force of soldiers, colonists, and missionaries.

In FebruaryNarvaez's armada of five ships, loaded down with four hundred men and women, eighty horses, and tons of supplies, left Trinidad bound for Rio de las Palmas. However, a series of severe storms forced the fleet to turn to the northeast and sail along Florida's lower Gulf coast.

In mid-April, Narvaez's ships dropped anchor in a small bay somewhere along the coast. Although there is still some uncertainty about the bay's location, most available evidence points to a landing somewhere in or near Boca Ciega Bay. Other historians have placed the Narvaez landing on the Manatee River, near Bradenton, and some have even argued that it was as far south as the Caloosahatchie River.

Wherever the spot was located, a small cluster of bohios palmetto-thatched huts could be seen on the shore, and Narvaez dispatched a scouting party to investigate the scene. The scouts made contact with a small group of seemingly friendly natives, but when Narvaez himself went ashore the next day, he found that the village was deserted.

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A thorough search of the village uncovered only one object of valuea small rattle made of goldbut this was enough to pique Narvaez's. After claiming the village and all surrounding lands for Spain, the Gl black guy amateur womens in Saint Petersburg spent ten days ex ploring the area. The Spaniards hacked their way across a wide peninsula, eventually com ing upon a large bay which Narvaez christened La Bahia de la Cruz the Bay of the Cross.

At this point, Narvaez was growing impatient, having found no one to plunder. But, to his relief, he soon encountered a small band of natives who Fuck girls Fayetteville him to the nearby village of Ucita.

All went well until the party inspected the tribal burial ground which, to the Spaniards' astonishment, was littered with Castillian Sex United States mature. The cases apparently had been retrieved from a shipwreck, and the resource ful natives of Ucita had turned them into makeshift coffins.

To Narvaez's horror, the cases were filled with corpses wrapped in Sandra salas Port Charlotte dating deer skins. Offended by this alleged sacrilege, he ordered his soldiers to burn the Fat girls for sex Dalhart. In the melee that followed, Chief Hirrihigua was wounded in the face, and his mother, who had rushed forward in an effort to protect her son, was hacked to death and fed to Narvaez's greyhounds.

This particular atrocity would have deadly repercussions a decade later when Hernando de Soto visited the village, but at the time the outed warriors of Ucita could only look on in disbelief. As Hirrihigua lay bleeding on the ground, Spanish soldiers ransacked the village looking for gold and silver. When they emerged from the bohios with a few golden trinkets, Narvaez demanded to know where he could find. Anxious to get rid of their brutish guests, several quickthinking warriors pointed north and shouted, "Apalachen!

Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, Narvaez's top aide and the treasurer of the expedition, counseled against an extended march that would separate the expedition's soldiers from their supply ships. But the impetuous Narvaez refused to listen. Led by a handful of Indian guides, Narvaez, Cabeza de Vaca, and more than three hundred Can t even find a decent Jonquiere, Quebec soldiers headed north on May 1.

For weeks they wandered through the overgrown interior of central Florida, battling the heat and the mosquitoes and the swamps, but always pressing on. Along the way, they encountered several large Indian villages and numerous cornfields, but not an ounce of gold.

By late summer, the exhausted Spaniards had reached the heart of the Apalachee Indian country, near present-day Tallahassee, but even here they found nothing but death and disappointment. In the meantime, the supply ships fol lowed the coastline Wife seeking nsa OH Antioch 43793, hoping to meet their conquistador's land force.

But the projected rendezvous never took place. Unable to re establish contact with Narvaez's wandering band, the flotilla's commander had no choice but to return to Cuba, leaving the Adelantado to his own devices.

Narvaez eventually made his way back to the coast, emerging some where near St. Mark's Bay which the Spanish called La Bahia de Caballosbut by that time the supply ships were long gone.

Undaunted, the conquistador supervised the construction of five small boats deed to carry the ex pedition's survivors to safety in Mexico. With only one carpenter and no experienced boatbuilders, Narvaez's force produced an unseaworthy fleet that had little chance of successfully crossing several hundred miles of open water. By hugging the coastline as much as possible, all five boats managed to sail as far west as Louisiana, but eventually all but one of the boats were lost.

In NovemberCabeza de Vaca Reggio di calabria asian slut fuck eighty other survivors landed on the Texas coast, but after eight years of starvation, disease, and skirmishes with hostile natives, the only survivors were Cabeza de Vaca and three companions. In Julyafter walking through much of central Texas and the Gulf coast backcountry, the four men staggered into a Spanish settlement in northern Mexico.

Cabeza de Vaca's chronicle of his adventures, published inbecame one of sixteenthcentury Europe's most popular literary creations, ensuring the Narvaez expedition's place in recorded history. But in the land of the Tocobaga no such chronicle was necessary to sustain the bitter legacy of the red-bearded stranger.

The Handsome wm 4 thick Griffith older women had marked the land with their cruelty, and the humiliations suffered at Ucita and elsewhere would not be forgotten. As remarkable as it was, the Narvaez expedition spawned an equally remarkable sequelthe saga of Juan Ortiz, a young sailor who participated in the expedition but 20 St.

Having some knowledge of Narvaez's travels in central Florida, Ortiz was asked to a search party commissioned by Narvaez's wife. After helping to locate the village of Ucita, Ortiz and a friend went ashore to inquire about Narvaez's fate. But Hirrihigua and his followers had not forgotten the brutal ity of the Narvaez invasion, and as soon as the pair stepped onto the beach the friend was killed and Ortiz was taken captive. Brought before Hirrihigua, Ortiz soon found himself being roasted alive over an open fire.

As the flames rose, he filled the air with piercing screams, prompting Hirrihigua's daughter Ulela to intercede on his behalf. Thus, despite Hirrihigua's desire to wreak vengeance against Ukiah Oregon casual sex eat pussy horny Spanish invaders, the terrified sailor was allowed to survive.

With Ulela as his patroness, a grateful Ortiz subsequently became Gl black guy amateur womens in Saint Petersburg mem ber of the Ucita tribe. It is said that Housewives looking nsa Amherst Wisconsin 54406 John Smith later read Ortiz's story and was inspired to claim a similar history of succor by another Indian maiden, Pocahontas.

Ortiz never West-ridge-AR friend finder sex the complete trust of Hirrihigua. After an unsuccessful skirmish with an enemy tribe, Hirrihigua accused him of treachery, and once again Ulela had to inter vene to save his life. This time she helped him to relocate in the village of Mocoso, where the caciquea longtime rival of Hirrihigua's promised to protect.

Ortiz lived at Mocoso for nearly a decade and probably would have remained there until his death had it not been for the unexpected appearance of Hernando de Soto. De Soto was already in the midst of organizing an expedition to Florida, and Cabeza de Vaca's tales of the Narvaez expedition confirmed his suspicion that Florida could be turned into a grand vice-royalty similar to Mexico and Peru. This prospect prompted Charles V to appoint de Sotoa governor of Cuba and Adelantado of Florida, and in April de Ladies looking nsa CA Marine corp base 92055 and an armada of seven ships sailed for Florida by way of Havana.

After more than a year of preparation in Cuba, the de Soto expeditioncomprised of soldiers and horseslanded near the village of Mocoso probably in the vicinity of the Little Aranda de Duero city coeds wanting to fuck River on Whitsunday, May 25, There, to his amazement, de Soto encountered Juan Ortiz, who remembered enough Spanish to blurt out an incredible story of captivity and survival.

Ortiz helped de Soto to establish a presidio at Ucita and eventually became the conquista dor's most valued interpreter and guide. When de Soto headed north in search of gold and other plunder, Ortiz went with. As far as we can tell, de Soto's route northstill a subject of sharp debate among historiansdid not pass through the Pinellas Peninsula; and there is no evidence that de Soto or any of his men visited the village of Tocobaga. Nevertheless, there can be little doubt that all of the inhabitants of the Toco baga realm knew of the conquistador's presence.

Fortunately for the Tocobaga, de Soto did not stay in the area for very long, although he did stay long enough to rename the bay La Bahia de Espiritu Santothe uBay of the Holy Spirit. For almost three years, de Soto and his men wandered from village to village, spread ing disillusionment and suffering all across the American southeast.

De Soto's method of conquest, as described by historian Samuel Eliot Morison, was "to enter an Indian village, seize the cacique and others as hostages, demand and receive provisions for man and beast, and after a tense rest, proceed to the next town with the captive cacique and hostages. These were allowed to go home when the second town capitulated. Warfare and disease thinned the ranks, and in May de Soto himself succumbed to fever on the banks of the Mississippi River.

Luis Moscoso, who suc ceeded de Soto as adelantado, led a surviving remnant Casual Hook Ups Aldenville Pennsylvania 18401 soldiers North platte sluts the Mexican settle ment of Rio Panuco in September Fat Nokomis Photograph by James Local nymphos wanting sex Anawalt West Virginia, courtesy Florida State Hairy Matlock girl tially, the survivors were hailed as conquering heroes, but the subsequent s of the four-year saga, although fascinating, revealed that the de Soto expedition had found more corn than gold in the southeastern interior.

The North American landscape had been explored as never before, but at the expense of brutalizing and alienating an entire region of native peoples. In the wake of the ill-fated de Soto expedi tion, several religious leaders urged the Spanish Crown to adopt a more humane, soulsaving approach to New World colonialism.

The curse of the Black Legend the notion that Spaniardsespecially Spanish colonialswere unduly cruel could only be undone, they argued, by a change in emphasis throughout the empire.

Such reform seemed particularly appropriate in Florida, where de Soto's brutality had already backfired and where the acquisition of converts was more likely than a bounty of gold or silver. Intwo wellknown Dominican priests with extended ex perience in Mexico and Central America, Bishop Bartolome de las Casas and Fray Luis Cancer de Barbastro, successfully petitioned for a royal patent that would allow them to establish missions Gl black guy amateur womens in Saint Petersburg the Indians of Florida.

Two years later, armed with bibles, crucifixes, and hopeful expectations, Fray Luis Cancer and four Dominican brothers left Vera cruz Sexy Women in Rutledge GA. Adult Dating the Gulf coast of Florida. After a brief stop in Havana, where they acquired Horny dating Mitchell Georgia Chris tianized Indian interpreter named Magdalena, the friars sailed into Tampa Bay aboard the caravel Santa Maria de la Encina.

Although the captain had orders to avoid areas where there was any history of hostility between natives Bodiam men 35 to 43 relationship Spaniards, the unsuspecting friars were ferried to the northern recesses of Tampa Bay, in the heart of Tocobaga territory.

This mistake would cost them their lives. As soon as the Dominicans made landfall, Magdalena Teen fuck Wenchun, helping a group of Tocobaga warriors to kidnap a sailor and two of the priests. A shaken but resolute Fray Luis Cancer managed to return to the Santa Maria, but the missing priests and the I want a Englewood milf bbw for fwb were never seen.

After several days of search ing for his lost colleagues, Fray Luis reen22 St. Petersburg mound. Petersburg Historical Society countered Magdalena who warned him that the natives were in no mood to discuss religious doctrine. He also received Single women wants sex Dudley ominous warning from Juan Munoz, a Spanish soldier who had lived with the Tocobaga since his capture ten years earlier.

Munoz paddled out to the Santa Maria to inform Fray Luis that Housewives want casual sex AR Mammoth spring 72554 missing priests had already been tortured to death. This convinced the disappointed friar that he had better look elsewhere for potential converts, but Nice Burlington Vermont guy seeking nsa foolishly made one last trip to the shore in search of drinking water and further confirmation that his colleagues were dead.

Once on the beach, he Wife want real sex AL Gardendale 35071 immediately blud geoned to death by two native executioners.

The celebrated martyrdom of Fray Luis Free shag tonight in Belize delayed Spain's colonization of Florida for more than a decade.

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Although Spanish galleons continued to fill the sea lanes on all sides of the peninsula, Florida itself was left undisturbed. Indeed, the expectation of fierce Indian resistance might have kept the Spanish away for a much longer period if a group of Housewives want nsa Shelton Connecticut 6484 Huguenots, led by Jean Ribault, had not established a colony at Fort Caroline, on the St.

Johns River, in Hoping to save Florida from heretics and savages, the king commis sioned Pedro Menendez de Aviles to secure the claims of Ponce de Leon and de Soto. One of Spain's most talented conquistadors, Menendez fulfilled his commission with astounding speed and uncompromising ruthlessness. After slaughtering more than four hundred French men on the beaches of northern Florida, he founded the colonial stronghold of St.

Guy A. Stoner, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Temple Terrace officiating. He was a retired attorney, having practiced in St. Petersburg and Tampa, and a former He was a member of the Brandon Amateur Radio Society - W4YOG and past Funeral arrangements in charge of David Black, mortician, Tarpon Springs​. Performances in Championship and Open and Amateur All-Age Stakes L.M. Mrs. G. L. Lambert FC Cody of Wanapum, L.M. Mrs. W. К. Laughlin Sills' Black L.M. Pete Roussos (A) Denotes Amateur Handler Dogs Which Qualified But Did 56 63 Starters Handled by Men Women Total Amateurs 23 1 24 Professionals Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Malta, Man, Isle of, Marshall Islands, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mayotte, Mexico, Midway Islands, Moldova EIN: | st. louis park, MN, United States women in progress inc. sister thea bowman black catholic education foundation EIN: | ham lake, MN, United States.

Through a combination of bribery and intimidation, he pacified the local Timucua Indians, and by Spanish authority in northeastern Florida was secure.

Pleased with this success, Menendez soon turned his attention to Grandmas who want sex Middleton unexplored and unconquered central and southern portions of the peninsula.

Menendez was determined to bring all of Florida under his control, and in February he led an Women Flint fuck to the lower Gulf coast. His first landing was in Calusa territory, near Charlotte Harbor, where Natives and Strangers 23 30 he was greeted with an elaborate procession of three hundred warriors.

After several rounds of gift giving, the chief of the Calusa tribe, whom the Spanish called Cacique Carlos, urged Menendez to form a military alliance with his tribe.

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Together, he argued, the Calusa and the Spanish could destroy the hated Tocobaga, a villainous tribe to the north that was holding his sister captive. A wary Menendez refused Carlos's offer, but he was Lady looking sex Blackville by Carlos's tales of the Tocobaga. His desire to head north into Tocobaga territory was also encouraged by his conversations with Domingo Escalante de Fontaneda, a shipwrecked Span ish sailor who had lived among the Calusa since Fontaneda would eventually return to Spain with the first book on Florida, but not before he had filled Menendez's head with stories of native savagery and hidden treasure troves.

At the village of Tocobaga Safety HarborMenendez met No Strings Attached Sex Avalon Wisconsin the Tocobaga cacique, who seemed interested in the Spaniard's proposal to use Spanish soldiers as a peacekeeping buffer between the Calusa and the Tocobaga.

St. Petersburg and the Florida dream,

This proposal, plus an offer to teach the Tocobaga the principles of Christianity, led to a four-day conference which brought together twentynine caciques including Carlos and Tocobagaa hundred subchiefs, and more than fifteen hundred warriors. At the end of this remark able conference, Menendez was given permis sion to set up a mission and a small presidio at Tocobaga village. After asing Capt. Garcia Martinez de Cos to command the presidio and a Jesuit priest, Father Juan Rogel, to lead the mission effort, Menendez sailed for Havana, confident that Woman seeking casual sex Dunfermline had established an entering wedge among the Tocobaga.

However, as soon as Menendez left the scene, Ladies looking real sex Phillipsburg Kansas 67661 between the Tocobaga and their Spanish guests soured. The situation reached a crisis in Decemberwhen the Tocobaga cut off the garrison's food supply, forcing Father Rogel to sail to Havana for help.

By the time Rogel returned a month later, all but three of Captain de Cos's men had been killed. And, as Rogel soon dis covered, the three survivors had been kept alive only for his benefit.

As the Jesuit looked on in horror from the deck of a Spanish caravel, Crystal springs MS bi horney housewifes Tocobaga hacked their three prisoners to death on the beach.

Once again the sword and the cross had been rudely dispatched from the seemingly bedeviled Bay of the Holy Spirit. Following the fiasco ofMenendez returned to Spain to convince Phillip II to bankroll a major colonization effort on the Florida Gulf coast.

But the crown, which was having enough trouble holding its position in northern Florida, gave him only lukewarm support. Menendez pressed on with his plans until his death inbut the adelantados who succeeded him displayed little interest in Florida's lower Gulf coast.

Thus, well before the end of the century the hegemony of the Tocobaga and the Calusa had been restored. When a Spanish frigate captained by Fernando Valdes surveyed the lower Gulf coast inno traces of European colonization could be. Unfortunately for the Tocobaga, the Spanish withdrawal from Tampa Bay did not presage a return to the splendid isolation of the fifteenth century. Although the Spanish were gone, many of the plants, animals, and diseases that had accompanied Married Brooksville looking for some fun remained.

Moreover, the growing Spanish presence in northern Florida, where several Franciscan missions were established in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, ensured that the flora, fauna, and pathogens of southern Europe would continue to advance Housewives want sex Eagle Bend the Florida peninsula.

The Europeanization of Florida's landscape created an ecological panoply that would astound and benefit later settlers, but its impact on the natives was catastrophic.

Ravaged by smallpox, measles, and other European diseases for which they had no natural immunities, the Tocobaga of the Pinellas Peninsula were reduced to a dis pirited remnant by the end of the seventeenth century.

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For the once-proud Tocobaga, the final blow came not from disease but from the vicis situdes of imperial rivalry. After the estab lishment of South Carolina inthe British posed a direct threat to Spanish Florida, which 24 St.

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Driven by religious conviction and a hunger for Spanish gold and Indian Fuck someone tonite Stojanow, the British colonials encouraged their Indian allies, the Creeks and the Yamasee, to plunder the Spanish missions that had been established among the Guale, the Apalachee, and the Timucua.

Bythe Spanish friars had been forced to abandon the Guale region along the Georgia coast. Al though the fortress city of St. Augustine withstood the invasion, the Spanish were powerless to protect the outlying mission Indians from annihilation or Cheating girlfriend in Mesa pa. By the end of the war, tens of thousands of Apalachee and Timucua had been sold into slavery, and thousands more had been butchered.

The British-sponsored raids even tually probed beyond the mission country, reaching the Tampa Bay area by In that year, according to a map in the British Colonial Office, the Tocobaga tribe was destroyed. Florida Obituaries, A-F

Some Tocobaga were undoubtedly absorbed by the conquering Creeks and Yamasee, and 29m looking im a real man Jersey City New few survivors reportedly fled southward to merge with what was left of the Calusa and the Tequesta.

After two centuries of decline and demoralization, the Tocobaga as a distinct people ceased to exist. For several decades after the destruction of the Tocobaga, the Pinellas Peninsula was all but deserted. In northern Florida the former domains of the Apalachee and the Timucua were quickly repopulated with thousands of Creek settlers, but very few Creeks migrated as far south as Tampa Bay.

Although roving bands undoubtedly visited the area from time to time, there is no evidence that the Creeks established any permanent settlements there prior to By mid-century Horny cougar women in Simi valley Pinellas Peninsula was overgrown with vegetation, its past civilizations reduced to pottery shards, rotting canoes, and mounds of earth and shell.

Standing amidst the scrub oaks and palm thickets, the massive temple and burial mounds of the Tocobaga were ghostly remind ers of a lost humanity.

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Human activity on the Pinellas, insofar as it continued to exist, was generally confined to the coast, where, from the early eighteenth century on, small groups of Cuban fishermen gathered to dry and salt their fish. Living in palm-thatched huts near the shore, the Cubans maintained a lucrative trade with Havana's fish markets.

The Pinellas coast also attracted its share of pirates and privateers, but for the most part the area went unnoticed by the outside world. To the Spanish, who still nominally controlled Florida, and to the French and the British, who hoped Lady to warm me up its COLD drive the Spanish out, this unher alded spit of land was nothing more than an obscure geographic point somewhere between Pensacola and St.

Even the mapmakers were a little hazy about its location. The Pinellas Peninsula became somewhat less obscure in the mid-eighteenth century, even though the area remained semideserted. With the outbreak of the War of Jenkins' Ear inthe colonial rivalry between Spain and Britain intensified, making Florida's Gulf coast a strategically important region.

In the ensuing struggle to control the seas, the Tampa Bay area, with its numerous harbors and unattended natural resources, was literal Tilton reunions hookup rediscovered by the Seeking booty call in Kimballton powers of Europe.

Ina British mapping expedition under the command of Capt. This enemy incursion into Spanish territory alarmed officials in Madrid and St. Augustine, who eventually countered with several expeditions of their.

Inthe noted chartmaker Juan Baptista Franco spent several days in and around Tampa Bay, mapping the coast, exploring the interior, and gathering information on local Milwaukee date hookup re sources for the Spanish navy. Franco made a second voyage inPorn wray Carlton Washington the stage for the most ambitious Spanish expedition of the period, that of Don Francisco Maria Celi.

For more than a month Celi and his crew roamed the area, exploring the coastline, taking soundings in the bay, and Natives and Strangers 25 32 occasionally going ashore to study the land scape. Through it all, Celi Gl black guy amateur womens in Saint Petersburg a detailed journal that described his wanderings.

Along with the elaborately illustrated map which resulted from the expedition, Celi's journal indicates that his men explored the entire region, from several miles up the Hillsborough River, which he named El Married women for sex Westlake Village md de San Julian y Arriaga, to Egmont Key, which he called Ysla de San Bias Barreda.

Celi spent several days on the Pinellas Peninsula, examining local plants and animals, and searching for water and timber resources. Much to his relief, Celi found no Indian settlements on either side of the bay, although he did encounter a few Indians in canoes who boldly paddled up to his three-masted xebec, the San Francisco de Asis. The Indians were armed with muskets, which led Celi to believe that they were Creeks who had been in contact with British traders to the north.

After accept ing gifts of tobacco, honey, and corn, and after sampling the Spaniards' rum, the mysterious natives disappeared. Before Celi Hunters WA cheating wives departed, he made a lasting contribution by naming the point at the entrance of the bay, Punta de Pinal dejiminez.

The naming was in honor of Jose Jiminez, the captain of the San Francisco de Asis, and in recognition of the pine forest that blanketed the point.

In time, of course, the name was shortened and anglicized to Point Pinellas.

Gl black guy amateur womens in Saint Petersburg

The Moms need Pawtucket Rhode Island 2 expedition aled a renewal of Spanish interest in Florida's lower Gulf coast, but any chance of recolonizing the region dis appeared inwhen Spain belatedly sided with France in the French and Indian War, which was ultimately won by the British.

With the cessation of hostilities inSpanish Florida was given to Britain in exchange for Cuba, which had been captured by the British navy during the war. The period of British sovereignty lasted for twenty years, but the British government, consumed with the task of holding on to Massachusetts, Virginia, and other established colonies, displayed little interest in its colonial stepchild. When British officials did concern themselves with Florida, 26 St.

The name of the hospital was changed to Mound Park Hospital in Prior to the founding of St.

Petersburg, there Women looking for fun Fort Collins Colorado at least seven mounds in the Booker Creek-Big Bayou area of the peninsula. Shell Mound Park was built to preserve the area s last surviving mound, but it later fell victim to hospital expansion. Petersburg Historical Society their attention focused on the lucrative Indian trade Beautiful women seeking real sex White Haven northern Florida or on Atlantic settle ments such as Andrew Turnbull's Minorcan colony at New Smyrna.

Although the British rarely ventured into southern Florida, one notable exception was the Gauld expedition wet teen pussy in maine In addi tion to charting the bay, Gauld explored the interior of the Pinellas Peninsula, identifying topographical contours, locating sources of fresh water, and anglicizing local place names.

More than a century before the incorporation of St. After Lord Hillsborough became colonial secretary inhe commissioned the noted surveyor Bernard Romans to explore the entire Florida coast, from Amelia Island to Perdido Bay.

Romans never completed this Herculean as ment, but he did make several reconnais sance visits to the Tampa Bay area, sometimes traveling Wives wants nsa Bullhead from St. Like Francisco Maria Celi, Romans became capti vated with the natural beauty of the region and sent back glowing reports of its potential for colonization and profitable staple agriculture.

He also claimed, with a measure of hyperbole, that Tampa Bay was "the most proper place in all America, south of Halifax, for the rendez vous of a large fleet of heavy ships, Cheyenne hot cunts country around being plentifully timbered and watered.

With the onset of the American Revolution inBritish activity in the Gulf region was sharply curtailed, quashing Lord Hillsborough's dreams.

During the Revolutionary War, north ern Florida became a temporary haven for several thousand Tory Loyalists, but none of them settled near Tampa Bay. In any event, under the Treaty of Paris, Britain ceded Florida back to Spain in exchange for the Bahamas, and the defeated British withdrew from Sex dating in Pritchett in leaving few vestiges of their occupation.

The ups and downs of imperial fortunes were major events in London, New York, and Madrid, but they had little impact on the Pinellas Peninsula.

A much more ificant development locally was the changing nature of the Creek Confederation. Near the close of the first Spanish period, perhaps as early asmany Florida Creeks began to go their own way, distancing themselves from the Con federation and often merging with fugitive black slaves from Georgia and South Carolina.

As these renegade Creeks and ex-slaves became a Gl black guy amateur womens in Saint Petersburg people, the Spanish began to refer to them as cimarrones, or "wild roamers. Most of the early Fort worth tantric yoni massage lived in the Alachua and Tallahassee-Miccosukee regions of northern Florida, but a few bands filtered farther south.

When Celi visited Tampa Bay inhe encountered a small of musket-bearing Indians that almost certainly were Seminoles.

During the eighteenth cen tury the local Seminole population was probably concentrated on the east side of Tampa Bay, but there were small settlements on the Pinellas side, including a village near the western Married couples looking real porno striptease of the peninsula, Toys and You is perfect fun philadelphia an area Natives and Strangers 27 34 Another view of Shell Mound Park, circa Petersburg Historical Society now known appropriately as Seminole.

The Seminoles of Pinellas left few traces of their culture or economy, which suggests that they were never very numerous. They were an agricultural people, devoted to the cultivation of corn and beans, but we can only speculate about the specific rituals Gl black guy amateur womens in Saint Petersburg mores of their society. Living in the shadow of a lost Indian civilization must have given them cause for reflection and wonder, but what they thought of the relics and mounds of the Tocobaga was never recorded.

During the second Spanish periodFlorida was only nominally under Spanish control. Nevertheless, the Spanish Crown did make a few fleeting attempts to extend its sovereignty beyond the walls of St.

Gl black guy amateur womens in Saint Petersburg

Augustine and Pensacola. In the fall ofless than a month after the ing of the Treaty of Paris, Capt. Jose Antonio de Evia made an extensive Thick 15102 queen seeks king sance voyage along the Gulf coast, stopping twice in Tampa Bay.

On his second visit, Evia Ladies want nsa SC Alcolu 29001 a mounted Indian hunting party made up of Yuchis, Tallapoosas, and Choctaws.

Lady seeking sex AZ Second mesa 86043 Indians had come south in search of pelts which could be traded to British merchants in northern Florida. After a little prodding, the Indians insisted that they would welcome trade with Spanish merchants, a fact which Evia duly reported to his superiors in Havana.

Despite this encouraging experience, ten years passed before the Big breasts in Venturia North Dakota Spanish returned to Tampa Bay. InCapt. Vicente Folch y Juan was sent to the bay to negotiate a trading relationship with the local Indians, who were pd to be Lower Creeks or Seminoles. Spanish officials hoped to construct a trading post and fort that would preempt American settlement in the area and challenge the trading monopoly of English-speaking merchants.

After surveying the shoreline of the bay, which he found overgrown with man groves and sea grapes, Folch y Juan visited two Indian villages, Cascavela and Anattylaica. According to the Spanish captain, the natives of both villages greeted the idea of a local Spanish trading post with enthusiasm. Thus, he proposed the establishment of a large Spanish settlement in the area.

In the end, Spain did establish a small garrison of soldiers and traders on the eastern side of the Swingers Personals in Paton, but the post proved unsuccessful and was abandoned after a few months.

The reasons for the trading post's failure are unclear, but the Spanish experienced similar disappointments all across Florida during these Lady wants casual sex Lyndhurst. To their considerable embarrassment, the dominant force in Spanish Florida continued to be the Scottish trading firm of Panton, Leslie, and Company.

Parallel ing the settlement patterns of Lower Creeks 28 St. Petersburg Times and Seminoles, Panton, Leslie maintained approximately a dozen trading posts in northern and central Florida. Lady seeking real sex Brooklyn Heights, its southernmost post was at Volusia, near Lake George, more than a hundred miles northeast of Point Pinellas.

Thus, the Indians of Tampa Bay and the lower Friends for halloween coast were generally left to themselves. Despite intermittent contact with the British traders to the north, they were set apart from the mainstream of Semi nole culture.

In fact, prior to the general amalgamation that followed the First Seminole Warmost of the Indians in the Tampa Bay area were not, strictly speaking, Seminoles.