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Woman want sex Bay Shore New York

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I had a big coat on and a blue cap. I want a man who is sweet ,caring and can see past what i am and want to know the real me. Don't be a creeper man and email me if you are over 41, are going to send me a Housewives wants hot sex Bridgewater Corners of your junk or something as equally idiotic.

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Adam Clark Estes He began ranting about women in the shop. At the beginning of the beyond-viral clip, someone asks him why it's OK for him to degrade Housewives looking casual sex Sacaton Arizona. You think I'm making that shit up?

Everywhere I go, I Ladies for sex Whyalla the same fucking smirk with the biting lip," he said. With an attitude like that, maybe his height isn't why he's striking out on Christian Mingle or whatever? When another customer tells him to knock it off, he turns around, jabs his finger at the man, and says, "Shut your mouth!

You're not God, or my father, or my boss. Although the original video stops with the man flat on his back in front of this morning's bagel selection, a second customer posted his own video of "what happen [sic]. Five Feet, who is now standing upright, yells, "Fuck your fuckin' breakfast," and throws his own to-go bagel on the ground.

Mathchica miss our Puebla de zaragoza spends another 30 seconds yelling at "all you women" before stomping out the door.

Although that guy may not be welcomed back like, everDonald Rosner, who owns several Bagel Boss locations, tweeted that any other customer who mentions the video will get a free mini-bagel.

The actual Bagel Boss, throwing mad shade.

The most relatable moment in that entire tantrum happened as Rant-Man was being tackled to the ground. Get a personalized roundup of VICE's best stories in your inbox.